Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is where we test a patient’s hormone levels and create a personalized supplementation program to get that patient’s hormone levels balanced. Most women don’t even think about their body’s hormones until menopause, when in reality our hormones start to lag way before then. Most don’t realize that their symptoms, weight gain, or mood could be caused by slight imbalances in their hormones.

We first take our patients through an in depth conversation about lifestyle, activity levels, and medical history. This gives us a clear understanding of the past and the present of our patient. When do you feel fatigue? How do you feel when you’re under stress? Is there anything in the personal or family medical history that would suggest a potential trigger?

After analyzing the results of the testing, we will be able to create a completely customized hormone supplementation program that will tackle your individual needs. After allowing the body a few months to adjust to the replacement therapy, we will bring you in for another round of testing. By analyzing the results and reassessing your symptoms we will see just how well your body is responding, and be able to make any adjustments to the supplementation as needed.

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