A Global Crisis

Diabetes and the associated complications affect over 34 million Americans, and an additional 88 million Americans are prediabetic.
In 2019, diabetes caused $476 billion in health care expenditures, which represented 10% of the total medical costs for adults in America. Traditional treatment has primarily focused on changes in lifestyle and the management of symptoms; neither approach addresses the root cause of diabetes, metabolic failure.

Kennedy Health is using a groundbreaking approach designed to focus on the primary cause of metabolic disorders instead of only suppressing symptoms

We are delighted to be using a multi-patented Physiologic Insulin  Resensitization (PIR) care plan that uses an exciting and innovative way of providing individualized patient care where insulin is administered as a biologic hormone rather than another drug. Refocusing insulin in a manner that bio-mimics normal glucose metabolism, we can:

  •  See insulin resistance reduce
  • See the increases in the amount of blood sugar entering the cell
  • Increases in conversions of sugar into energy

Increasing cellular energy allows damaged tissues and organs to grow, repair, and regenerate. In many cases, this has shown the ability to stabilize and, in some instances, reverse the complications of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Schull Institute Study Insulin Infusion Therapy on Diabetic Complications


Elimination or Significant Improvement in Neuropathy


Improvement in at Least One Diabetic Complication


Reported HbA1c Reduction


Reduced Need for at Least One Medication

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