Fatigue / Low Energy

One of the first signs of nutritional deficiency or excess is lowered energy. Energy loss, feeling frazzled, worn out, and stress are common in our modern culture. Unfortunately, there have been few beneficial treatments offered to patients. Instead, we use coffee, sugary drinks, energy beverages, and high-fat foods to keep going.

Our program can show you how to literally increase your energy 300% by making simple and powerful modifications.

  • When you are tired the adrenal glands are tired. These glands produce chemicals that provide energy. By stimulating these glands with specific nutrients and showing you how to avoid irritating them, you are energized. The difference is this is real energy, not a caffeine kick, so it’s more sustained and beneficial to the whole body and mind.
  • The adrenal glands are checked using saliva and urine to assess various energy chemicals that should be present. Once the deficiencies are identified, specific supplements are used to replenish and dietary recommendations are provided to assist in keeping your energy high.
  • A physical exam is important because energy can be lacking due to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients.  If that is the case there will be specific tender points that show up. Energy can be lacking due to toxicity in the body, so the causes are the same:  Stagnation, toxicity, physical inactivity, poor digestion, hormonal imbalance,  and emotional tension all lead to energy decline. To correct this,  we identify, through history and physical exam, what the effects have been on your body and then deal with them specifically.

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