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Dr Ryan is the CEO of Kennedy Health in Wilmington Delaware and partner with Regen America clinics. Since starting practice in 1997, he has always worked together with integrated medical and natural healthcare providers throughout his entire career. He has worked side by side with some of the most innovative doctors in the medical, osteopathic, and chiropractic disciplines. He has always felt a combination of every possible healing service be available to any patient/doctor relationship. It all depends on what the patient actually needs. He is double board certified in chiropractic and neurology and is a fellow in functional neurology. He has extensive studies in neurology throughout his career with the Commission for Graduate Education in Neurology (CAGEN). Kennedy Health is staffed with expert medical and chiropractic doctors let alone physical medicine and neurology. He is s nationally known speaker. He dedicates himself to weekly lectures for the prestigious “foundation for wellness professionals” and “employee awareness association”. He has given lectures at many hospitals and organizations on many health topics with his favorite now being regenerative/stem cell medicine and weight loss. Dr Ryan has stated, that ever since the FDA opened the door to stem cell use for treatment, the best combination of medical and natural healthcare ever had finally arrived. He has been involved and has partnered with the best stem cell groups in the world. These are advanced stem cell rx/us stem cell and Regen America. He has been involved with research and study of stem cells for years and is partaking in a fellowship program in regenerative medicine. He sees the dramatic changes everyday utilizing these life changing treatments that it makes him want to serve more and work harder to educate the public. He has stated often, “It makes all the work worth it when a patient comes in after treatment so happy that they are crying and gives me a hug, and they say thank you so much!” He sees two big challenges in healthcare delivery. The first is educating the patient so they understand to the level they want. He and his staff take all the time necessary to break down the data to as much or as little detail that the patient wants. This is so the decision is easier and comfortable. The second is insurance and finances being a large challenge. The ever changing insurance landscape has left large holes for coverage and some services not covered. If a patient is accepted for care and we can change their life, then we feel it is our duty to find a way financially for the patient if there is an insurance gap or no coverage. Our purpose has always been to help as many people as possible restore their health with the safest, most advanced, and effective methods. The mission and purpose is on the walls of his clinics and repeated by his staff daily Customer service is the most important of his and his clinics concerns. He knows it is about the patient and not about the clinic. A patient centric and caring culture is at the heart of his ideals and maintained in the clinics. We really enjoy hearing patients get ecstatic over their experience let alone resolving their acute or chronic problems.

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6 Sharpley Rd
Wilmington, Delaware
Phone: (302) 476-2978

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