Wounds That Don't Heal Can Lead to Serious Health Risks


We Offer One Of The Best Chances To Heal 

This breakthrough medical technology is helping to change the field of wound care management

Wounds that don’t heal should never be ignored, especially when they are on your extremities. Wounds that don’t heal can lead to more serious medical conditions. We can help.

We walk our patients through every step of the wound healing process. Each treatment begins with a careful examination of the wound and its condition. We then proceed to sterilize the wound and employ cutting-edge wound care treatments. These treatments include anti-inflammatory and anti-antimicrobial ingredients to help heal your wound and keep it from getting infected.

Our treatments help to promote the growth of new blood vessels and close the wound. The wound healing process that we use has been clinically shown to help reduce scarring and speed up wound healing.


Our mission is to give you unparalleled treatment. We are dedicated to providing our patients with unmatched compassion and care.

wound of diabetic foot

Arterial, Venous, and Diabetic Ulcers

Get Treatment Now

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and developed any sores or wounds, of course, it is best to seek medical treatment right away.

Wounds can be in the form of arterial, venous, and diabetic ulcers. Treatment should begin as soon as the type is determined.

Typically, arterial ulcers are extremely painful. Venous ulcers can present with dull and achy pain in the entire leg, but the wound area itself usually doesn’t hurt unless it’s infected. Diabetic ulcers may present with the pins-and-needles pain or a loss of sensation that is associated with peripheral neuropathy.

We Provide Support, Compassion, And Healing

Treatments can be covered  by most major medical

We take the time to get to know our patients on an individual basis. We also strive to not just heal our patients’ wounds but keep them wound-free by addressing their underlying health problems.
We will review any financial situation also check with your medical provider for coverage options.  We can help you find the underlying cause to prevent these in the future.

6.5 Million

Americans Suffer From Slow Healing And Non-Healing Wounds

2 Million


Amputations are from slow-healing wounds

Begin Your Journey


We will walk with you through each stage of your wound healing journey and support you every step of the way.

Start Your Healing Journey

Our medical team will meet with you to talk about your health and your slow-healing wound. We will work with you to get a better picture of your condition and what you’re experiencing. We’ll go over your treatment options and talk about what your wound healing process will look like.

We’ll Discuss Your Treatment Options

Each treatment plan is individually tailored to meet a patient’s specific needs. Your wound care provider will make sure that you understand your treatment options and what your diagnosis means for you.

Begin Your Recovery

After your consultation with your provider, your treatment will begin. We’ll heal your wounds by using a new state of the art medical technology called amniotic wraps. After all other methods have failed, our amniotic bandages can be one of the last viable treatments for people suffering from chronic wounds.

The Final Stages Of Healing

After just a couple of weeks of treatments, you’ll start to notice that your wound is beginning to heal. The pain and swelling around the wound will start to decrease. The amniotic bandages you’ve been wearing will help to heal your body naturally, all while leaving you with minimal scarring. Throughout this process, we will regularly check up on you to ensure things are going as planned.

You’re Healed!

After your wound has completely healed, your wound care provider will meet with you to do one final assessment. We will go over what lifestyle changes you can make to keep yourself free of slow-healing wounds.

Start Living Wound Free

Once you’re completely healed, you can get back to doing all the things you love. Without slow-healing wounds holding you back, you can now live your best life and thrive!

Wound Healing Progression

We’ve had outstanding results with our wound care treatments. Check out the before and after pictures.

We Got You Covered

We accept multiple forms of insurance, including Medicare. Fill out the section below or give us a call at our office.

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